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We encourage all herpetoculturists to give back to the animals, communities, and organizations that make our hobby possible!  


Here at Conservation Herp we earmark 10% of all proceeds to go directly towards supporting a variety of reptile related charities.  The following are a few of the organizations that we have supported in the past, and will continue to support in the future.  We encourage you to check out these worthy herp advocates, and support them directly. 


Please check back as we continue to fund new groups and projects.


*Note: Conservation Herpetoculture is a charitable business, not a nonprofit.


The Orianne Society does fantastic conservation work, focussed on protecting keystone species like gopher tortoises and indigo snakes in the Southeast, and timber rattlesnakes and wood turtles in the Northeast.  They utilize a multimodal approach to conservation including protecting critical habitat, conducting population research, engaging in public outreach and education, and even head-starting rare species in captivity.  Support them Here!

The Turtle Conservancy runs one of the world most successful turtle and tortoise captive breeding programs in the world.  They also support in situ, lands based conservation efforts world wide.  Check them out here

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The Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons is a wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated exclusively to saving the native turtles of Long Island.  New York State is home to many threatened species of turtles, and the Turtle Rescue of The Hamptons cares for hundreds of sick and injured turtles every year, many of which are successfully released back to the wild. Check out their website and donate to a great cause.  

The Turtles of Western Highway is a volunteer group made up of good samaritans, citizen scientists, and wildlife rehabilitators, that come together each summer to protect female snapping turtles as they migrate across a particularly busy stretch of road to lay their eggs.  Our support has helped to fund the construction of a turtle barrier and numerous artificial nesting areas.

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